The notes when choosing fish tanks

Breeding ornamental fish is an elegant hobby of many people from many different ages. And having a fish tank not only helps people reduce stress after a tiring day of work, but it is also an object that many families choose to decorate their living space to become more unique and attractive.

However, to choose a fish tank with high aesthetic, feng shui and make the house attractive is not an easy problem. Especially for new or inexperienced people, it is easy for sellers to introduce poor quality aquariums.

In today’s article, I will present a few notes to consider when selecting the best fish tank for your family. So, to become a smart buyer, you should always keep in mind the following things before you choose to buy.

The sizes of the fish tank

The first thing you need to consider when selecting your aquarium is to determine the purpose of your tank and the number of fish kept in it. For example, different breeds of fish will need different tank sizes. If you are planning to get an adult fish, you need to buy a large tank. Conversely, if you want to breed small fishes, the size will be different. However, for the special fish and need to raise separately, you must choose the right tank to not waste space.

On the market today, there will be 3 tank sizes suitable for many requirements of aquarium buyers. The dimensions of the tank are 60-90-120 cm.

For tanks 60 cm: this tank is specifically used for raising fish species. The standard tank size is 60 x 30 x 30 cm. This tank size is suitable for small fish with small numbers.

For tanks 90 cm: Medium-sized ornamental fishes are suitable for tanks with an area of ​​90 x 45 x 45 cm.

For tanks  120 cm: People can choose the larger ornamental fish species, the fish species have matured and need a little larger area as the Dragonfish. However, for larger fish species, you can choose other tanks of around 180cm.

The shapes of the tank

People should not overlook the choice of tank shape. By feng shui, the aquarium also plays an important role in affecting the destiny of the owner. Therefore, you should choose the tank shape that suits your destiny.

On the market, there are many styles of fish tanks for you to choose from. Here are some samples that are selected by most people:

Hexagons: Aquariums are hexagonal, symbolizing the number 6. This number is suitable for those of the water element. And you should place the aquarium in the center of the room or next to the door.

Circle: A circle-shaped fish tank that symbolizes fullness, fits those of the Metal element. It will make lucky for the owner. You should place the aquarium at the center of the room or the door of the room.

Rectangles: For owners of the “wood element”, you should choose to buy a rectangular aquarium. It is very good for the fortune of the owner. This aquarium is suitable for placement near the wall of the room.

Besides the shapes of the aquarium that the homeowner should use, according to feng shui should not use the tanks with the following shape:

Square: the square typical for Earth. According to Feng Shui, the earth is not suitable for water. Therefore, when using this tank shape, the owner will not have luck for fortune.

Triangles, octagonal …: because they are specific to the fire. And water and fire do not get along with each other. Homeowners will not receive any luck at all. And when raising fish, it is easy to kill fish.

Stands of the tank

You should choose sturdy and well-balanced brackets. The brackets are widely and firmly distributed to withstand the weight of water and can keep the tank fixed and free from movement.

In conclusion

Above are the notes that you need to consider when choosing a fish tank for the family. Besides, there are now many stores with poor quality tanks. Therefore, you should buy fish tanks at reputable facilities with many trusted brands to be assured.

Finally, I hope that the information I have provided will help you with your tank selection. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day.